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"We must get away from the habit of thinking in terms of what the media do to people and substitute it for the idea of what people do with the media" 
James Halloran
(Users and Gratifications Theory)

Online Advertising Benefits

Online advertising offers the reach of targeted customers, the ones most likely would use your service, in the highest numbers. 

The two most popular and most successful online advertising option is Facebook and Google AdWords. They are very popular because they work. 

Other great choices are including  print, radio and online media outlet websites which are visited in high frequency. Some of them are offering print adverts in the price or great sponsorship options. 

You can choose from many options so if you are interested in online advertising  and we are happy to advise you.

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Facebook Ads made for your individual needs and budget with the objectives that encourage people interested in your business to purchase or use your product or service. You can choose your target audience, reach, country, location, language spoken, lengths of advertising, budget spent.

Set an overall spending limit for your advertising campaign which means that your ad campaign will stop once you've reached your spending limit. 

With text-based search ads, graphic display ads, YouTube video ads or in-app mobile ads, you have plenty of ways to reach your target customer with AdWords. AdWords won’t charge you for displaying ads. Instead, you pay only when someone clicks your ad, views your video on YouTube or calls your business.

As for setting a budget, it’s your call. Some businesses spend tens of thousands of pounds a month, and others are comfortable investing several hundred.

Instagram, Linkedin or YouTube all offer popular and viable options without leaving huge sums behind. Ask us for pricing and packages if you wish to engage in adverting on any of these chanels. Other online advertising options also could work for your campaign.

Another good solution is buying digital advertising at high frequency news or magazine websites. There are excellent digi-tal options available for bespoke content creation some of them including print adverts too. Ask for more if you are interested.

Digital Represantation


Our digital representation package is for businesses and startups who want it all. It includes all the tools and services to start a successful business right from the beginning. From here you can only grow bigger, better, faster, stronger. See what's included in the package and more...

  • Contact centre  - Customer Service Line - Monday – Saturday.  The number can be used for all marketing communication within the UK

  • Customer/ Patient management service including: Answering potential client enquires coming in from advertising in the UK – advise on the variety of services available, bookings, prices, guarantee, quotes, promotional information.

  • Selling your services/ products on the phone for interested customers – Sales pitch. Win customer’s trust and order​

  • Quoting and pricing for services and products

  • Organising airline tickets and accommodation - when required

  • Collecting customer references/ testimonials to be used for marketing purposes​

  • Email marketing:  weekly/monthly newsletters sent out to potential customers with promotional offers

  • Telephone directory listing and other online advertising options

  • Continuous ongoing contact with the our client to assure information accurately sent to customers and for them to receive the best service​

  • A company Facebook page and management (Instagram, YouTube channels with followers when requested)​

  • Regular Facebook updates and weekly posts with promotional offers

  • Google AdWords and Facebook promotion to reach new customers


New Customer Promotion

  • Domain name of your choice with Google optimization and SEO settings 

  • Free promotional offers throughout the year 

  • A reach of 9,000,000+ ABC1 potential new customers monthly via online marketing

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