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"It may well be that creativity is the last unfair advantage we're legally allowed to take over our competitors"

Dave Trott

Television Facts


  • Every pound spent on TV advertising returns £9 for the advertiser. Out-performing all other media, TV offers the best return on investment (ROI) of any media

  • TV accounts for 41% of the average person’s chosen media day


  • The average viewer in the UK watches 3 hours, 32 minutes of TV a day and 86% of it is watched live 

  • ​Commercial TV makes up two thirds of total TV viewing in the UK with the average person watching 2 hours, 22 minutes a day 


  • The average UK viewer watches 45 TV ads a day at normal speed – 6 ads more a day than ten years ago

  • Collectively the UK watches an average of 2.64 billion ads a day 


  • TV is the most popular form of video. TV accounts for 74.8% of the average person’s video diet. YouTube, for example, accounts for 6.4%, and SVOD accounts for 4% ​

  • An average broadcast TV campaign of 400 TVRs in the UK gets 237 million views


  • Commercial TV reaches 69.6% of the UK population in a day, 91.9% in a week and 98% in a month 

*Data gathered from IPA, Touchpoints; BARB; Thinkbox;



Audience Ratings: 1.4 million /day

Availability: Free to air.       


Really is a British television channel owned by UKTV. The channel launched in 2009 focuses on women demographic and targets its audience with lifestyle shows such as DIY SOS, Don't Tell the Bride, selected BBC programming and paranormal, medical and crime programs.



Most popular programs: Long lost family Australia; Cops UK – Bodycam Squad; Paranormal Witness; Escape to the Country; Antiques Road Trip; Most Haunted; Wanted Down-under; Ghost Adventures;  A place in the Sun, Homes under hammer; DIY SOS. 


Audience Ratings: 2.4 million /day

Availability: Free to air.       


Since its launch in 1998, Dave, owned by UK TV, is “The home of witty banter”. A popular entertainment channel with humor-spiced panel talk shows, stand-up comedy, police & crime series and car shows sourced from the BBC awaits it's large audience. It has it's own exclusive programming too such as Car of the Year and Argumental.

Most popular programs: Top gear, Cops UK, Lethal Weapon, The Hurtling, Have I Got News for You?, Stand-up Comedy, Mock the Week, Room 101, Dynamo: Magician Impossible. 


Audience Ratings: 2 million /day

Availability: Free to air.       

“The home of British drama from the past 40 years”, draws primarily fans of costume, crime and comedy series. A UKTV-owned channel was launched in July 2013 replacing Blighty - a station with similar programming. It's audience is mature and is usually a favourite for all fans of Downton Abbey, Pride and Prejudice and series alike.


Most popular programs: Downton Abbey, The Duchess of Duke Street, The White Queen, Brokenwood mysteries, Dickensian, Ashes to Ashes, Elizabeth I, Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Garrow’s Law, Inspector Allyn Mysteries, Shetland

other TV channels

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Audience Ratings: 928,000 /day

Availability: Free to air.       


ITVBe focuses on female audience with life-style programming and entertainment. Cooking shows, Beauty programs, talk shows and Reality TV during the day and at night Shopping Channel until morning. 


Most popular programs: Cupcake Wars, Be Beautiful, The Real Housewifes, Dinner Date, Bachelor in Paradise, Celebrity Weddings, Million Dollar Listing.


Audience Ratings: 2,017 million /day

Availability: Free to air.      

ITV4  targets men and lures spectators with sports programs, car racing, police investigative series, horse racing, US comedies, quizzes and talk shows. Owned by ITV.


Most popular programs: Motorsport UK, Life inside jail: Hell on Earth, ITV Racing, The Chase: Celebrity Specials, The Avengers, Steve McQueen: The Motorbike Moviestar, Europa League and World Poker,

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Audience Ratings: 1,637,000  /day

Availability: Free to air.       

Pick - originally launched in 2005 as Sky3 - is a British TV channel. It's part of the BskyB Network. His shows have been synchronized with Sky1 and Sky Arts channels as they share their programming. The channel has a lot of content to attract as many viewers as possible. Exclusive premieres feature Sky's most popular programs, such as the 24 or Rescue Me. It attracts fans of crime series.  


Most popular programs: Babylon 5; Stargate SG-1; Nothing to Declare: Australia; Border Patrol; Without a Trace; NCSI: Los Angeles; Road Wars.




Audience Ratings: 1,480,000  /day

Availability: Free to air.       

The quality oriented and popular Quest is targeting men demographic, launched in 2009 and is attracting viewers with programs focusing on challenges in science, history and discoveries. In addition to classical, veteran and modern cars, you will also find aviation, train travel and polar research. It's part of the Discovery Network.


Most popular programs: World War II: Wittness to War; Arctic Waters; Chasing Classic Cars; How it’s made: Dream Cars; Aussie Gold Hunters; Combat Dealers; Close Encounters; Extreme Engeneering; 5th Gear; Mighty Ships; Mighty Planes; Railroad Alaska; Railroad Australia.


Audience Ratings: 1,294,000  /day

Availability: Free to air.       

Well-known and popular US crime series and police programs make up the programming of 5USA. Murder, Investigations, Action, and Legislation describes best the channel broadcasting specifically American content, which is equally popular with both sexes. Shopping Channel at night until 8.30 am. It's owned by Sky.

Most popular programs: Law and Order CSI: Miami, CSI: New York, NCSI, Colombo, Castle, The X-files. 

other TV channels

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